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Summer is by far my favourite season! I love outdoor entertaining, relaxing by the pool, catching up on reading and getting into all sorts of trouble ;) For me, Summer is all about seizing the moment, so it’s important that I don’t spend hours on my makeup, doing my hair or trying to put together the perfect outfit. To avoid this, I often pick up a few essential items for the season and rotate them with existing pieces from my closet. The goal is to look effortlessly chic…with an emphasis on effortless.

Here are some of my must-have summer essentials!

Xo J


1. The Onesie

If I’m not in a dress you’ll find me in a jumpsuit. Onesies are always great option because they’re comfortable and they require less effort to look “put-together”. Who doesn’t love that?!

2. The Non-Stick Sunscreen

I’ll admit it, I haven’t always been great with using sun protection. Several expensive laser treatments later, you won’t catch me without it. The key to consistent use for me, is quick application. I love this sunscreen because it’s not smelly or sticky and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. When applying to your face, make sure to spray it in your hand first and then dab on. If nothing else, ALWAYS make sure you protect your face, neck, chest and hands. Those are your “money-makers” as I like to call them hahah J

3. The Cool Carry All

I’m a “buy less, buy better” kind of girl especially when it comes to accessories. I’m not the type of girl who owns 50 purses. I’ll buy one and use it religiously. I picked this tote up, at the beginning of summer and it has been my go to ever since. It works as my carry-on, my purse, my shopping bag and even my gym bag!

A great affordable option…

4. The Cozy Sweater

Ideal for those cooler nights, this lightweight and unbelievably soft sweater is my absolute favourite.

5. The Perfect Pair

I swear I have the world’s most sensitive eyes! My friends are constantly poking fun at me because I rarely take my sunglasses off, even in the grocery store haha. I’ve had these Celine ones for YEARS and they never go out of style. The bigger, the better in my opinion.

6. The Do It all

Summer is all about spontaneity for me, which is why I always carry a towel in my bag or in my car. Forget the old beach towels you’re used to and opt instead for a pestemal style. It’s much chicer and will look cute in all your pictures. It also works great for a picnic blanket or even a last-minute cover up!

7. The Little Bikini

I’ve been a fan of Malia Mills for a long time. Malia celebrates our different silhouettes and makes swimsuits to flatter all shapes and sizes. Her designs are classic and impeccably made. She does especially well with accommodating us bustier gals.

8. The Layering Necklace

For me, there are certain jewelry pieces that I wear every single day. Besides the beautiful locket my beau gave me, I recently picked up this “Love” necklace. It’s simple, fun and perfect for layering.


9. The Wicker Bag

Sometimes you need to lighten your load and what better way to do it than by emptying your purse? Lately I’ve been a fan of smaller bags. It forces me to pack only the really important things and as a result, I struggle less when I’m looking for my keys, credit card etc! After all, Summer is all about being carefree and let’s be real, your lipstick is going to melt off anyways.

10. The Classic Novel

Summer is for romance and nostalgia, which is why I always love reading (and rereading) the classics. Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Dickens, Austen; these are the names dominating my summer reading list.

11. The Perfect Sandal

I know, I know, the price is outrageous but I honestly wear these every day! They are the closest I’ll ever get to wearing flip flops and I find them a little bit chicer. Again, I like to invest in good pieces I’ll wear constantly. I’ve owned these for several seasons and I’ve even had them resoled…twice!

A more affordable option…

12. The Chic Chapeau

If you’re not lathering on the sunscreen then you sure as heck better be wearing a hat! Hats can be tricky, especially with short hair. Thank goodness for Brixton! Their hats are not only super cute but also, incredibly affordable.

13. The Thirst Quencher

Safe to say, we’ve all gotten the message about ditching the plastic water bottles. I especially love the Swell bottles for the summer months. Here’s why; it keeps your drink cold for 24 hours, it’s non-toxic and BPA free, it doesn’t condensate and the mouth is wide enough for ice cubes. Total no-brainer!

14. The Little Black Dress

I get SO many questions about where I get all my summer dresses from. Ninety-nine percent of the time, they’re from Reformation. Everything they make is just so flattering on a woman’s figure, whatever your body type may be! And the best part?! All of their clothes are made using sustainable fabric, so you don’t feel guilty about your shopping addiction haha.

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