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LAGOM: The latest from Sweden

Lagom is a Swedish concept that means "just right; not too little, not too much." The concept of lagom is about a lifestyle based on moderation, balance and sustainable living. Most recently, lagom has been rapidly adopted in homes across the world. Everywhere you look, people are willingly ditching the excess, clutter and chaos in favour of a more understated style.

According to L.A.-based Swedish interior designer Caroline Froberg, "eclectic designs have been trending the past few years. However, it's easy to overdo it. An interior should be filled with pieces that define you — but less is more. With a few statement pieces, you can create an eclectic feel to any interior without going overboard."

To incorporate lagom into your home, think quality over quantity. Begin by decluttering your space. You don't have to embrace minimalism altogether, but the Swedish aesthetic typically consists of a modest palette, clean lines and minimal fuss. Beautiful antiques, a little greenery, and some natural wood elements are perfect for creating harmony between bareness and clutter. To achieve a lagom feel in your space, follow these easy tips:

Use only a few key colours

A new paint job can really change the overall feel of a space. Create a simple theme using a variety of tones that work harmoniously together, without feeling cold or clinical. From warm yellow-based tones to contemporary soft greys, going neutral doesn't mean you're restricted to using just one shade.

Adopt an eco-friendly attitude

Test your green thumb by incorporating a vertical herb garden into your kitchen — even micro-homes can enjoy the benefits of this concept. Whether it's mint, basil or rosemary, the options are limitless. Not only is this apparatus sustainable but it looks beautiful too, perfectly aligning with the lagom lifestyle. Enjoy how the rich green colours pop against your neutral palette and save money on your weekly shop.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Start by integrating sustainable materials. Try using fabrics made from recycled fibres for seat cushions or pillows. Opt for less energy-exhaustive porcelain tiles over marble or granite for an equally chic backsplash. Invest in high-quality blankets and throws for the cooler months to conserve energy. Even little changes to your home like installing LED lights or switching to rechargeable batteries can make a big impact.

Shop local

Lagom motivates us to make things less complicated and revel in the beauty of natural materials and artisan craftsmanship. Invest in furnishings and accessories that will stand the test of time — much like pieces made by local businesses through the Ontario Wood program. Ontario Wood is committed to promoting principles of environmental stewardship, conservation, and the long-term sustainability of Ontario's natural resources. Whether it's about supporting local producers and communities, doing what's best for the environment, or simply because you love the natural beauty of wood products — those partnered with Ontario Wood have something for every lagom enthusiast.

Undoubtedly the lagom movement is here to stay, so consider adjusting your "more is more" living philosophy and start embracing sustainability. After all, caring for the environment is always in style!

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