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The Holidays are a great time to get crafty! This fun and festive holiday wreath was quick and easy to create and looks great hanging from your door, on a wall or even above the fireplace! You can even customize the look by selecting colours that reflect your room's unique décor. Happy Holidays and Happy crafting! :)

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

TIME NEEDED: Approximately 1.5 hours


§ Scotch Expressions™ Metallic Tape, Red

§ Scotch Expressions™ Metallic Tape, Green

§ Scotch Expressions™ Metallic Tape, Silver

§ Scotch Expressions™ Metallic Tape, Gold

§ Scotch Expressions™ Glitter Tape, Gold

§ Scotch Expressions™ Glitter Tape, Platinum

§ Scotch Wall-Safe Tape

§ Scotch Gift Wrap Tape

§ Scotch Magic Tape


· Ruler

· 60+ standard size wooden clothes pins

· Pencil

· Hot glue gun

· Scissors

· Wreath frame approx. 18 inches wide

· 1-inch (wide) red ribbon

· Thin red ribbon approx. 1/2 cm wide

· Green ribbon approx. 1cm wide

· 5 sheets of red construction paper

· 5 sheets of green construction paper

· Star stencil approx. 4 inches wide

· Small items for wrapping ie. Empty floss or mint container

· A variety of red, green and silver mini holiday ornaments

· Fine felt tip black marker


Begin by adhering your decorative Scotch Expressions™ Metallic Tapes and Scotch Expressions™ Glitter Tapes to the front of the clothes pins. Cover approx. 12 or more of each colour. Does not have to be exact. Cut excess with scissors.

Once you have all of your clothes pins covered, start arranging the clothes pins randomly on your wreath frame. Try to rotate the colours and textures evenly but it does not have to be exact.

PRO TIP: Place the wreath close to an outlet. That way you won’t have to move it once you’ve arranged all your pins J

Once you’ve created a pattern you are happy with, begin to secure the clothes pins in place with a hot glue gun. You may find you need more clothes pins in the end. Be sure to have extras!

To create the bow, cut a piece of ribbon approximately 24 inches in length. Run it through the wreath and tie a knot 1.5 inches from the top.

Cut another 24-inch piece of your ribbon and tie a knot just above the top of the clothes pins, then tie a bow. Trim ends of ribbon on a 45 degree angle.

Next you will create the tiny presents to adorn the top of the wreath. I used a floss container and a tiny hotel soap. Wrap one of each in green and red construction paper and secure using your trusty Scotch Gift Wrap Tape. Then using your 1 and ½ cm ribbon tie a bow on both of the tiny presents.

Once you have your mini presents, secure them in place with hot glue, just under the bow of the wreath. Then you can begin to place your selection of holiday ornaments on either side. Try to rotate the colours but don’t stress about making it perfect. Once you’ve created a look you’re happy with, secure everything in place with hot glue.

Now you can begin making the “NOEL” star sign. Start by tracing your star stencil on 4 red and 4 green pieces of construction paper and cut them out using your scissors.

Once you have them cut out you are going to take 2 red and 2 green and cut a ½ cm around the entire edge of each star. This is to create the smaller star on the inside.

PRO TIP: Again, don’t worry about making it look perfect. Your imperfections will only add to the charm and vintage feel of the wreath!

From there you will take 2 red and 2 green stars in the smaller size and begin to draw out the word “NOEL” in the centre of the star using your pencil. N and E should be on green stars and O and L on red. When you are happy with the way it looks, trace over top using your fine tip black marker.

To secure your small stars to the bigger stars, create a small loop of tape using your Scotch Magic Tape and place on the back center of the small star. Be sure to pair your small star with a bigger one in the opposite colour. Press firmly into place.

Now you will want to grab your wreath and decide where you want to place in on your wall. Once you have that flushed out, grab a piece of chalk or a pencil and very gently make a mark on either side (of the inside) of the wreath. That way you will know where to place your stars.

Place the wreath back down gently and begin to flush out where you will put your “NOEL” star sign. Then create a small loop of tape using Scotch Wall-Safe Tape. Secure in place.

Once you have the stars securely in place you can go ahead and hang your wreath! Happy Holidays Everyone! :)

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