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Decorating the Perfect Tree

Decorating my favourite rose gold tree at the Home Depot Holiday Launch party

Hi Lovelies!

December is only a few days away which means it's time to put up that tree! Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my absolute favourite parts of the holiday season so I was thrilled when Home Depot asked me to style the launch of their Holiday Collection this year. Holiday decorating is such a treat to me, it never feels like work. Below are some of my tried-and-true tips for creating the perfect tree.

xo J

1. Pick a location. Choose a low-traffic area away from fireplaces and heaters and secure your tree in place. Try placing your tree in a planter box for a more modern look or add a tree skirt for a traditional feel.

2. Prune to prep. If you’re using a live tree, study it from a distance. Prune any small growths that jut out from the top and bottom of the branches.

3. Fluff to perfection. With a faux tree, fluff and shape the branches to hide the trunk and make the tree look fuller. Be sure to check the branches from different angles to spot any neglected areas. Wear gloves to protect your hands.

4. Illuminate. When selecting lights, choose a strand color that matches your tree so the wire will be easily hidden. Start at the base of the tree and work your way up, wrapping lights around every branch from trunk to tip and back.

5. Add a garland. Start at the top of the tree, and slowly increase the amount of garland between each row, as you work your way down. Plan to use two strands of garland for every vertical foot.

6. Pick a theme. Stay true to your personal style by decorating your tree to reflect the style of your home. Ornaments don't have to match perfectly to look flawless just remember to repeat and have fun with it.

7. Prep the area. Place towels or blankets under the tree to protect fragile items in case any accidents occur. Hang antique or delicate ornaments near the top of the tree, where they will be less likely to get knocked off.

8. Showcase your favorites. Start by placing ornaments with sentimental value in prime positions and follow up with more dominant pieces to establish a rhythm. Next, hang large ornaments, spacing them evenly around the tree and fill in with any medium- and small-size decorations.

9. Evaluate. Always take a step back when decorating to see which areas need filling. Hang a few ornaments closer to the trunk to create depth and interest and don't forget the back of the tree. Finish dressing your tree by adding any specialty items, such as clip-on ornaments, faux flowers or icicles.

10. Place your topper. Whether it’s an angel, a star or an over-sized bow remember to use a topper that compliments the profile of your Christmas tree. For a tree with a traditional full silhouette opt for a more brilliant topper such as a star or an angel. For narrow or slim trees, try an elongated topper to enhance its slender form.

***All Tree's, ornaments and accessories are from Home Depot

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